Shania Twain Wedding Songs

Shania Twain is one of the most popular country artists of all time, so her music is guaranteed to please a lot of people at your next party.

Let us tell you about the top songs from the “Queen of Country Pop” which you should play at your wedding or dance party!

Shania Twain Wedding Songs: The list

Shania Twain — That Don't Impress Me Much (2000)

OK, so you’re Brad Pitt. That don’t impress me much.

These lyrics are cheeky and would definitely work with a crowd who can get in on the “joke”!

Shania Twain — You're Still The One (1997)

Looks like we made it. Look how far we’ve come, my baby

This uplifting country song is one of Shania’s most famous. The lyrics are incredibly romantic, speaking to the enduring love between two people, which makes it a perfect choice for a first dance or slow dance.

It was a #1 hit in ‘98, and won Best Country Song at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

Shania Twain — From This Moment On (1998)

I give my hand to you, with all my heart.
Can’t wait to live my life with you, can’t wait to start.

This is classic Shania. There’s a solo version and a duet version (performed with Bryan White) which could be a good first dance.

Shania Twain — Man! I Feel Like A Woman (1999)

This song is about a woman who has sass and is confident with her sexuality and enjoying life! She’s happy with who she is and she’s not afraid to show it. And don’t forget Shania’s outfit from the video, too. Fishnets, blazer, skirt and a top hat!

It’s such a fun, upbeat song that’s guaranteed to get everybody on the dancefloor. Those first few notes generally do the trick.

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