Best British pop songs 2000–2003

Ah, things were so much simpler back then. Carefree pop, catchy tunes, and the fashions… the early 2000s were a truly great time for pop music. We were listening to pop bands like Steps, Girls Aloud and Westlife, and one-hit wonders like Vanessa Amorosi.

But what were the biggest pop songs at the time? You’ve probably forgotten them.

So we’re going to jog your memory a little.

Here’s our list of the best British (and Irish!) pop songs from 2000-2003 – ideal inspiration for your wedding or dancefloor playlist!

Best British pop songs 2000--2003: The list

Billie Piper — Day & Night (2000)

What a way to begin the decade. Young Billie first arrived on the scene in 1998 with Because We Want To, but when she returned in 2000 she had clearly been eating Banger Pops for breakfast.

Big sound, big pop, a true banger. And it got to number 1 in April 2000.

In the video she visits a laundrette, presumably to drop off her washing.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor — Murder On The Dance Floor (2001)

Sophie’s pop career launched in 2001 and this was her second single. Clearly influenced by the sounds of disco.

The video saw Sophie killing off her various competitors at the local village disco competition, one by one. (Better not get on the wrong side of Sophie, eh?)

An absolute family favourite!

Sugababes — Freak Like Me (2002)

Sugababes, the band with more reshuffles than a Tory cabinet.

This track got to number 1, and sampled ‘Cars’ by Gary Numan. (But we think this song is far better!)

Girls Aloud — Jump (2003)

You’re so excited, I can feel you getting hotter, oh baby…

This cover of the Pointer Sisters’ song from 1984 gives it a typically early-2000s lick of paint.

Pure power pop, with what we like to call an “experimental” bit in the middle. Sadly it only got to number 2!

RIP Sarah Harding!

Kylie Minogue — Can't Get You Out Of My Head (2002)

When this song dropped, it took everyone by surprise.

It was absolutely massive, and not just on the pop scene; a bunch of dance remixes were released, which saw it being played in cool clubs, too. Everyone wanted a piece of it.

A classic, electronic pop song, and the ump-teenth rebirth of Kylie.

Liberty X — Just A Little (2002)

Sexy, everything about you’s so sexy…


Liberty X (formerly Liberty) came runner-up in the final of ITV’s Popstars in 2001. They were second to Hear’Say. But Liberty X released far better music.

Hearing “Just A Little” on the dancefloor commanded you to do the slut-drop (before that was a thing). Shake those hips.

Blue — All Rise

One for the money and the free ride, it’s two for the lies that you deny…

One of the very few songs entirely based around the legal process. The Blue boys sang about a relationship on the rocks in the form of legal arguments.

Some might object to this being one of the greatest pop songs of the early 2000s. Objection overruled!

Busted — Year 3000 (2003)

Your great-great-great-grand-daughter is pretty fine

These cheeky boys liked to jump up and down a lot while flinging their guitars. In this track they sang about a time-travelling trip into the future, where apparently we all live underwater!

An essential part of the early 2000s “grungy pop” scene (see also McFly and Avril Lavigne).

Westlife — When You're Looking Like That

How am I supposed to leave you now, when you’re looking like that?

The Westlife boys were well-known for their ballads. But they diverged a little with this upbeat pop number, which was wildly popular.

Watch the video featuring classic live arena footage from their tour. Perhaps you were one of the screaming fans featured in the video?

Rachel Stevens — Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex (2003)

If I were in your shoes, I’d worry of the effects. You’ve had your say but now it’s my turn. Sweet dreams, my L.A. ex…

Finally, here’s what happened to Rachel Stevens after she left S Club 7. This song was originally written for Britney Spears!

How did this song not get to number 1 in the charts? It’s a travesty!

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